Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trying new things?

People always say its better to move on, right?
Well if your liar gets away!, you might have to try again..........
Kinda stressing,
try out something from the future
A video camera in a hat!!!!
Kinda hard to believe
Its better to just tape a phone to your hat and collect video which you can play back later
And get the truth!!!
you can also record sound.....
Its far more easier but harder to detect
Whatever you're decision is, hope its the best....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is a dual lie?

Have you ever wondered if anyone can make more than two or three lies well if his lie has holes in it he/she will attempt a dual lie

Friday, April 15, 2011

How do you know if you are a vulnerable person?

1. You easily believe whatever a person says. 

2. When two persons are arguing, you tend to believe the first person you talk to. Make sure you get the story of both sides to see the big picture.

3. Your impatience will make you quickly act on something. Before getting into something, do your research first, especially on internet related businesses.

4. You easily get distracted. If this is you, you have to stick to the issue.

Remember, the objective of a liar is to make you believe. His tool is his words. He will take advantage of your weaknesses -- maybe the way you think (to be able to distract you); or maybe your dreams. He will try to show you that he is the answer to your problem. If you believe, then you will be blinded for some time, because you are going to hope that he holds the key to your future. 

Lesson 3 of how to catch a liar

4. A Liar Is Manipulative - A liar would say everything to make you dance to his/her tune. At first, you will see that he/she is doing things for your benefit. Then after some time of being with him/her, you will find out that she would be doing the same thing to others.

5. A Liar Creates Smokescreens - A liar could either create another issue to deviate from the real issue. He could either do it in a diplomatic way or with coercion, by raising his voice.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lesson 2 of how to catch a liar

3. A Liar Exaggerates His Story - The out-of-this-world stories created by liars could be very interesting. You could be impressed because it could either be something that you yourself cannot do or cannot be. This person would normally lift himself/herself high enough to give you the impression that he/she has a high impression.

How to catch a person when he lies?

This is some of the basics
1. A Liar Cannot Look Straight In The Eye - This is the easiest person to catch. A liar tries to avoid being stared at while making up his excuses because his guilt might get exposed. 

2.A liar may take a while to think because there are too many options going through the liar's head. look at the picture at the right He's taking too long to think.